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Hands of War: Everstone Game Information

Due out in 2016, Hands of War: Everstone (formally: Invasion of the Void) is a single-player, action/RPG set in the world of Tempor just after the events in Hands of War 3: Champions of Tempor. As in previous Hands of War games, players will select one of three classes (Warrior, Wizard, or Ranger) at the start of the game, and will be thrust into a world in the heat of a civil war. Hands of War Everstone features an engaging storyline complete with twists, surprises, and revelations, three brand new factions and their champions - each with their own stories and motives, and brand new combat mechanics, abilities, and talents that allows for nearly endless customization!

The best way to stay up to date with Everstone development new is to follow us on Facebook. We post updates and communicate with fans weekly. We are also releasing class information including abilities and talents as an on-going process. To see the complete game development document, visit the link below: Hands of War Everstone Guide.

Hands of War: Everstone Release Information

Everstone is scheduled for release in 2016 for standalone PC, Mac, and Linux. We will also run a simultaneous Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter in early alpha. All version will also be available for purchase on the Axis Games Store.

Hands of War: Everstone Intro Story

Everstone Development Update #1

In our first glimpse at the nation of Tempor in 3D, we'll take a look at the starting zone and some basic character animations.