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AFL 2014
AFL 2014
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Axis Football League 2014

Axis Football League 2014 Spotlight AFL is back in full 3D! Choose from 32 teams and lead them all the way to the Axis Bowl in the Internet's best American Football game. It's like Madden in a browser!

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Recent News
September 16, 201
We know there have been some difficulties with getting the game to load in the Unity web player. In an effort to provide the best play experience, we've decided to release our game through Steam's Greenlight program, but we need your help! Please go to the following link and vote YES for AFL 2014: Vote Yes Here
January 15, 2014
Hey guys! We just released an demo of the offensive play for Axis Football League 2014. Check it out! AFL 2014 Offensive Demo
December 18, 2013
Welcome to the new home of Axis Games! We hope you like the new website!